Leadership for a Better World

Shift Consulting exists to make the world a better place.

We do this by engaging with Women and Men, Teams and Organizations to develop their Leadership and achieve outstanding and sustainable performance.
We help our clients refine their Vision, balance their Desires and Constraints and become aligned Leaders with the power to positively influence Teams and Organizations.

Solutions for Individuals

Develop your Leadership

For Executives concerned about their Growth, we provide the opportunity to work with an experienced coach who understands your challenges and supports you in your path to outstanding Leadership.

Solutions for Teams

Align your Teams

We help you evaluate and enhance the performance of your Teams so that they can communicate, collaborate and achieve outstanding results together.

Solutions for Organizations

Grow your people

We support the Growth of your Organization by helping you growing your people. We work with you to assess areas of development for your Human Capital and implement innovative solutions.

We support your human transformations with benevolence, authenticity and boldness !

SHIFT CONSULTING combines years of leadership experience with innovative methods and tools to offer transforming and efficient coaching.

The art of listening and questioning

Fundamental pillars of the art of coaching, active listening and focused questioning allow us to take action on the person’s identity and work on how she/he deals with situations : how she/he perceives her/himself, the world and is perceived by others ; what are her/his values, beliefs, thought and emotion patterns.

The multidimensional exploration of the person

Together, we visit the following dimensions :

  • Identity: Who am I ?
  • Values & Motivations : Why do we do it ?
  • Choice : What, Where ?
  • Action : How ?

To understand the singularity of each and everyone and enable the implementation of a Vision. This approach allows to become aware of your potential, identify your talents and develop them. To feel aligned and create Meaning.

High-performance orientation tools

Depending on the context, we use 2 state-of-the-art psychometric assessment tools on which we are certified : NOVA Profil and Saville Wave.

For assessing the level of employee engagement in your Organization, we work with the Gallup Q12 Assessment tool.

The transmission of the method

We teach you our method so that you can develop your ability to guide yourself throughout your career and evaluate the feasibility and relevance of each desired development. To allow you to lead future changes on your own.

A truly tailor-made service

Our experience has enabled us to develop a wide enough range of approaches to be able to adapt the support to your personality, your culture and your way of working.

Green Coaching

When face-to-face is not an option, regardless of your location and/or geographical constraints, we use the most appropriate internet-based communication tools to meet your needs.

Agile solutions

Our solutions are co-built with you and your teams and consist of short iterations, constantly adjusted to the environment, to move forward step by step and deliver value at every step.

Sustainable assets

The essentials of theory, a majority of experiments, to promote assimilation and transformation.

Progressive Approach

We are keen to respect the rhythm of each and everyone, in order to broaden and establish the acquired knowledge without taking undue risks.

How to get started


Ask for a free 30' session

Let’s meet to discuss your needs and discover how our solutions can help you develop your Leadership and that of your Human Capital.

Get a personalized offer

You receive a leadership development strategy offer to help you meet your most difficult challenges.

Develop your Leadership

We work together so that you can benefit from immediate progress in your Leadership capabilities, the health of your teams and your operational results.

Pierre Bezençon

For several years, Pierre has been working with Leaders and their Teams to help them achieve their goals and improve their lives. Pierre leads and develops SHIFT-Consulting and inspires team members to pursue excellence by developing innovative and effective approaches to understanding and learning Leadership.


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